Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are computerized medical information systems that collect, store and display patient information. They are means to create legible and organized recordings and to access clinical information about individual patients. Despite of the positive effects of the EMRs usage in medical practices, the adoption rate of such systems is still low and meets resistance from physicians. A study reveals the below mentioned factors slowing down the adaptation of EHR systems.

We know the problems and have solution for physicians struggling with EHR implementation

We Care

We know the hidden cost and problems of the existing software in the market. We have solution for the struggling parties. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Cultivate and grow your referrals and your profitability. Take your practice to next level by our helping hand.

Streamline your revenue

Get industry-leading dental billing and insurance. Full fee control for your practice that automates and simplifies patient billing to save time & makes sure you’re reimbursed for the work you do.



Costs remain the biggest barrier to adoption, physicians have to weigh the costs of creating and supporting their own IT structure and applications, or using external vendors to provide the services. We are here to help you in getting cost effective solution from EHR industry.


Physicians do not take the time to properly become familiar with the available products or go for customized solution. Our skilled customer support team knows the solution, how to stream line a practice with in minimum time limit.


Technical support

Technical support facilitated use both in the initial days and weeks of EHR and afterward. MAGDynamic’s Support staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and is available 24/7.