MAG Dental

Health Information Technology (Health IT) constitutes an integral component of the operations of most dental practices nowadays. However, the expenses associated with the acquisition and the ongoing maintenance of these complex systems have often been buried among costs for other electronic infrastructure systems, distributed across various cost centers including unmeasured central campus support, covered centrally and therefore difficult to quantify, and spread over years, denying practice managers a clear understanding of the resources that have been dedicated to various business functions. The aim of MAG Dental is to provide the financial impact of Health IT at U.S. healthcare business organization: two types of practices, using a purchased Electronic Health Record (EHR), and practices that developed their own EHR. For practices, the costs of creating ($2.5 million) and sustaining ($174,000) custom EHR software were significantly higher than acquiring ($500,000) and sustaining ($121,000) purchased software.


One side (purchased software) doesn’t fulfil the industry needs, while customized software are much costly and not affordable for small to medium practices.


We at MAGDynamics provide cost effective customized solutions, very much affordable for each size of business organizations. Below are some general features of our product.

Scheduling System

Multi-provider & Multi-location scheduling system that optimizes your dental office and clinical management

  • Supports the smallest to the largest of endodontic practices
  • View Appointment Book by doctor, operatory, location & more
  • Color code by procedure type, operatory or providers
  • See any changes for any location in real time
  • Appointment Book syncs up with all of your offices
  • Minimize no-shows with Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Save valuable time during check-in with Online Patient Registration

Integrated Billing

Automated billing, insurance and collection tools to boost productivity and profitability

  • Automated billing, insurance and collection tools to boost productivity and profitability
  • Doctor clicks on completed procedure and dental procedures are posted to patient’s record and ledger
  • Treatments in Phases
  • Verify Insurance Eligibility & Remaining Available Benefits
  • Create a claim, validate it & send it electronically from Dental EMR
  • Track Outstanding Claims & Receive Payments Sooner
  • Patient Invoicing & Credit Card Processing