Global Mobility Services

Mag Dynamics Talent was created to help best meet the strategic organizational and human capital needs of our clients.


A world class faculty of talent management, change management and organizational design professionals helping corporations fully leverage the unique developmental opportunities that global mobility assignments present; while developing a competitive advantage by creating experiences for their people that help increase engagement, maximize productivity, improve retention and deliver on key business objectives.


We have created a suite of global talent management services and solutions geared toward both organizations and the employees within these organizations that go on assignments.


Global Assignments offer unique opportunities to develop employees for continued future success, by obtaining new skills and experiences. Assignments are also a great way for organizations to meet global business demands and can also create a competitive position in the market place by developing their employee workforce. If managed effectively, both employees and organizations achieve significant value and development.


By helping maximize the potential for today’s globally mobile workforce Mag Dynamics’s talent management solutions have been proven to deliver measurable results for clients, including dramatically increasing their ability to grow, compete and globalize.


Mag Dynamics has developed a comprehensive suite of services designed to promote your employees’ business and personal development across all stages of an assignment. These services, which also include a focus on leadership skills, can be seamlessly integrated into your global workforce mobility program and used individually or collectively. Our process consists of providing your employee with dedicated support, as well as learning and development tools geared to each phase of an assignment, from pre-departure through repatriation and reintegration. This approach significantly increases the likelihood of a successful assignment, resulting in greater employee engagement, productivity, and retention, and therefore a greater return on your investment.